23. August 2023

From Altona to Ottensen – S&Z has moved!

The Hamburg S&Z team has moved to a new office in “Westend Ottensen” at the end of September. Besides modern premises and more space, the team is looking forward to delicious lunch options in the surrounding area as well as the beautiful inner courtyard for relaxing breaks. You will now find us in Borselstraße 22, 22765 Hamburg. We are looking forward to your visit!

Pictures of the new office building can be found on our LinkedIn page and on Twitter.

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23. April 2023

Biodiversity Toolbox developed by Chemie³ and S&Z is now available

We are pleased to announce the publication of the ‘Biodiversity Toolbox’ developed by Chemie³ and S&Z, which helps companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to identify their impact on biodiversity and to develop solutions. Members of the German Chemical Industry Association, the IGBCE and German Federation of Chemical Employers’ Association can order version 1.0 now (in German). Learn more about the importance of biodiversity in the Chemie³ webinar (German), including a contribution from S&Z on how to use the toolbox.

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27. March 2023

S&Z congratulates Hapag-Lloyd on the publication of its sustainability report 2022

In line with this year’s report theme “Making a difference in the future of shipping”, the Hapag-Lloyd AG publishes its latest sustainability report, which provides information on the company’s various measures for a more sustainable future, clean shipping and environmental protection.

We are pleased that S&Z, together with Berichtsmanufaktur GmbH, once again supported Hapag-Lloyd in the preparation of the report and would like to thank them for their cooperation.

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23. January 2019

NAP conference in Mexico City with S&C

From 11-13 March 2020, S&C was part of the conference “Human Rights Due Diligence and Reparation and the Impacts of Business Activities” in Mexico City. S&C took an active part in a corporate workshop, engaged in dialogue with the participants, and reported on experiences with procedures for identifying human rights risks and complaint mechanisms.

The conference was jointly organized by, among others, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Oxfam, Project Poder, OHCHR Mexico, OECD, ILO and the University of Monterrey. Its main objective was to launch the debate in Mexico on the need for binding legislation to deal with human rights impacts on business, with particular emphasis on human rights due diligence. Participants included large and medium-sized Mexican companies as well as political and civil society representatives.

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Results of the survey on ESG ratings published

The DIRK—the German Investor Relations Association, and S&C have, in collaboration with the DVFA (German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management) completed a survey among Investor Relations managers, institutional investors and ESG rating agencies. The aim of the study was to find out the meaning of sustainability from the perspective of companies and investors, as well as to collect information on the quality and usefulness of ESG ratings.

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1. February 2018

S&C completes vinyl industry materiality analysis

The Vinyl Institute, through its Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC), is advancing its sustainability efforts. As a first step, S&C was mandated to conduct an industry materiality analysis. In early November, at the vinyl industry’s annual conference, Vinyl360, S&C presented the results of the analysis and facilitated a workshop for the industry members to discuss potential next steps. The results will set the foundation for an industry-wide sustainability approach that will be developed going forward.

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14. December 2017

Voith publishes 7th sustainability report

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA published its 7th sustainability report in October, supported by S&C and C+R. Using a new targeted reporting concept – consisting of print report, highlight brochure, and online fact collection – addresses the information needs of different stakeholders.

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15. November 2017

Pilgrim’s sustainability report 2016

Pilgrim’s, one of the world’s largest poultry producers, published its first comprehensive sustainability report in July 2017. S&C supported Pilgrim’s in developing the concept, collecting and aggregating required data and information, and assisted in composing the final text.

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