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We are S&Z: S&Z North America Inc. in New York and Schlange, Zamostny & Co. GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. S&Z is an international management consultancy specializing in Corporate Responsibility (CR) and sustainability.

We support companies with a variety of sustainability consulting services including strategy development and organization, implementation, responsible sourcing and supply chain management, defining performance indicators, stakeholder communication, as well as selecting, implementing, and operating CR software, and trainings.

S&Z has become a trusted partner for our clients and has acquired extensive expertise by completing 700 projects for about 200 clients across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We work on behalf of nationally and internationally operating companies as well as industry associations, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, and foundations.

S&Z currently employs about 23 sustainability experts with various backgrounds such as business and economics, geography, sustainability management, environmental science, investment banking, communications, cultural sciences, management consulting, and political science.

Our headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany and our US-subsidiary S&Z North America is based in New York.

What we stand for

S&Z aspires to provide CR and sustainability consulting services to our clients at the highest quality level:
  • We work together with our clients as partners to develop customized solutions and support implementation,
  • We help companies and other organizations become fit for the future by using a holistic approach to sustainability, taking into account both risks and opportunities,
  • We advise in a systematic manner, using proven methods and providing the highest level of quality,
  • We speak the same language as companies, other organizations and their relevant stakeholder groups,
  • We advise without emotions but with the belief that a sustainable future is possible,
  • We reject mandates that serve Greenwashing purposes,
  • We advise in a genuine and honest manner.
  • Our goal is to make sustainability and Corporate Responsibility tangible and manageable, especially in increasingly complex environments. Through our contribution to the advancement of sustainability and CR as a research field, we also see ourselves as a think tank.

We act sustainably in that we:

our environmental impacts wherever possible. We purchase sustainable products and travel by bus or train whenever possible.
a fair environment in the team and support our team’s new ideas to continually improve our sustainability performance.
to society by focusing on research and education. This includes holding presentations, lectures and workshops at universities.

S&Z is a member of the UN Global Compact.

Where we come from

Schlange, Zamostny & Co. was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the Otto Group, a retail e-commerce company operating in more than 20 countries, and has since been successfully run by its Managing Partners, Joachim Schlange and Andreas Zamostny.

Together with Jakobine Sauerbruch, who was part of the founding team, we envisioned establishing a new type of consultancy: One that makes sustainability and Corporate Responsibility tangible and manageable, one that is recognized as a loyal and competent partner and one that, in accordance with our own standards, acts sustainably.

Where to find us

New York, United States

S&Z North America Inc. is located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, just a few blocks from the Empire State.

Hamburg, Germany

Our office in Hamburg is located in Borselstraße in the center of Hamburg-Ottensen. This is where Schlange, Zamostny & Co. GmbH is headquartered.

Our Partners

Over the years, S&Z has built a network of national and international partners, with whom we continue to advance the field of sustainability.

We work in trustful cooperation with organizations that complement our portfolio of services. We share the same philosophy regarding sustainability and delivering high-quality work.

  • Being part of a global network, the university-based consultancy 180 Degrees Consulting supports non-profit organizations and social businesses located in Hamburg. The Consultancy strives to create long-term value in business and for society. Along the lines of “think global – act local” student consultants work closely with local companies on a pro-bono-basis in order to develop individual, innovative and sustainable solutions for the businesses of tomorrow.

    180 Degrees Consulting Hamburg

  • Shelton Group is America’s leading marketing communications agency entirely focused in the ESG space. Shelton Group exists to create a market advantage for the organizations that are creating a sustainable, socially equitable future. The company does everything from nonprofit web design to targeted ad campaigns to sustainability communication strategy.

    Shelton Group

  • Berichtsmanufaktur is an expert in corporate and financial communication and is based in Hamburg.


    We work together in

    • Communication strategies
    • Integrated reporting
    • Sustainability reports
  • Carlsberg & Richter supports companies and organizations in their communication: from classic public relations to annual reports as well as from internal communications to wide-spread PR-campaigns. Carlsberg & Richter is located in Munich, Germany.

    Carlsberg & Richter

    We work together in

    • Communication strategies
    • Integrated reporting
    • Sustainability reports
  • Corporate Register maintains the world’s largest database for sustainability/CR reports and offers professional analysis tools and information solutions (e.g. ReportAlert). They are located in London, UK

    Corporate Register

    We work together in

    • Research and analyses
    • Stakeholder information
  • GERICS is a research institution that conducts scientific research and provides advisory services and decision-useful information to support governments, administrations, and businesses in climate change adaptation.

    GERICS Climate Service Center Germany

    We work together in

    • Strategies for adaptation to climate change
  • ifu Hamburg develops customized software solutions to analyze environmental impacts, including carbon footprint life cycle assessments and resource efficiency for developing sustainable production processes – the line of Umberto software products.

    ifu Hamburg

    We work together in

    • Life-Cycle Assessments
  • Nexxar is one of the leading global agencies for digital corporate reporting. They create online reports, interactive PFDs, and printed reports from one data source.


    We work together in

    • Interactive visualization of data
    • Online sustainability reporting
  • NPV Associates offers consulting services for developing strategies and sustainability communication. They are based in New Haven, CT, USA.

    NPV Associates

  • Sedex Global is the largest collaborative platform for sharing data on the sustainability performance of suppliers (including roughly 43,000 suppliers). They are a not for profit membership organization with headquarters in London, UK.

    Sedex Global

    We work together in

    • Responsible supply chain management
  • SynTao Co., Ltd. is a leading Beijing-based consultancy promoting sustainability and responsibility in the Asian region. They focus on consulting, education and investment in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


  • TÜV Rheinland is one of the world’s leading technical service providers, focusing on audits, inspection, certification, consulting and training

    TÜV Rheinland

    We work together in

    • Hotspot analyses
    • Stakeholder surveys
  • UL EHS Sustainability is a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and offers software solutions to capture, manage, and report on sustainability and EHS information (formerly cr360°).

    UL EHS Sustainability

    We work together in

    • Administration
    • First Level Support
    • Implementation
    • Scoping
    • Trainings
  • Logo - Vianova
    Logo - Vianova

    Vianova designs and supports strategic development and transformation processes of companies and nonprofit organizations. They are located in Zurich, Switzerland.


    We work together in

    • Change Management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Strategy
  • WeSustain is a software company which is specialized in solutions for modern sustainability management. WeSustain currently supports companies in measuring, improving, and communicating their non-financial performance and thereby creates a foundation for a professional sustainability management.


    We work together in

    • Administration
    • Implementation
    • Scoping
    • Trainings
  • Wolters Kluver | Enablon is a provider of sustainability, EH&S, Corporate Governance, and operational risk management software for the purpose of management and reporting. They have offices in Paris, France (headquarters), London, UK, and Chicago, USA among others.

    Wolters Kluver | Enablon

    We work together in

    • Administration
    • Implementation

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The concept of Corporate Responsibility (CR) describes a company’s responsibility for the impacts of its business operations on employees, the environment, the economy, and broader society – either through its own operations or along the entire supply chain and/or value chain.

Corporate Responsibility puts ethical conduct, stakeholder dialogue, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility at the center of corporate activity.

In order to define and differentiate the various terms and abbreviations related to Corporate Responsibility, Joachim Schlange and Andreas Zamostny developed a definition in 2004, which is still applicable today.

Corporate Governance describes the principles of good corporate management, accountability, and transparency.

Sustainability means maintaining a balance between economic, environmental, and social aspects with regard to a company’s core business operations (i.e. under its direct control, as well as indirectly along the entire supply/value chain). In our opinion, Corporate Governance and sustainability are absolutely necessary in order to ensure the long-term success of a company. Both issues can be considered good management practice.

Corporate Citizenship stands for the philanthropic and charitable contributions of a company outside of its core business.